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The Bimbalo brand is the product of more than ten-yearwork experience of the Italian company Erretieffe specialized in producing children's festive best garment as well as the one for baptismal ceremonies. Under the brand Bimbalo, the company produces gala dresses for girls, suits for boys, including all the pieces of the menswear such as jackets, pants, vests, shirts, ties.Bimbalo offers its design clothes even for newborn babies (from the first days in the size range). The Bimbalo range is based on children's clothing from birth to five years, you can buy some models for older children like 6, 7 and 8 years old in our online store. All models by the brand Bimbalo are produced only from high-quality fabric in Italy in accordance with the exclusive creative concept of the brand. Bimbalo’s fashion designers do their best to take into account children’s needs as much as possible, creating comfortable and practical garment for girls and boys at the same time distinguished by beauty and elegance. The brand designer stake into account the latest trends in modern fashion, while holding true to their traditions. Erretieffe is an Italian company that, like a family, uses its unique experience to produce children's wear with the highest quality and impeccable style, based on the concept of openness and respect for children when designing their children's collections.