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Primigi – Modini Shop España


Primigi is an Italian shoes brand, which for more than 40 years has been specializing in the production of footwear for children from 0 to 10 years, strong point of this brand is the manufacture of fashionable children's shoes, the great attention is paid to design, which is always developed in Italy and corresponds to the current trends in fashion. All models are designed (up to the last detail) to provide the maximum comfort: they are flexible, light and durable at the same time, ¨breathable¨ and comfortable. Primigi footwear has many advantages: thanks to the membrane introduction, footwear does not get wet and at the same time it breathes, the antibacterial insole prevents the appearance of microbes, the hard heel fixes well the foot, the polyurethane sole provides lightness, strength and flexibility, the strengthened toe – prevent the toes injuries. Brand collection includes the several product lines for children, it is a collection for newborns, shoes for babies from nine months to two years, from two years to six years, from seven years to twelve. Depending on the age of child, during the shoe model designing the anatomical features of foot are taken into account. For the additional comfort and safety providing, manufacturer executes the special studies in the field of orthopedics. In PRIMIGI you will find shoes for all occasions and for any weather: from ¨classics¨ to ¨sports¨ from sandals to winter boots with GTX membrane.