Gaudi – Modini Shop


The Italian brand GAUDI was founded in 1989. The name GAUDI was inspired by the impressions of travel to Spain. Creators of Gaudi brand chose the name of one of the most original architects of the 20th century as the name of their brand, as the main ideas of their collections are also at the peak of modern fashion trends and they are filled with a positive trend of youth culture. The key qualities of GAUDI children´s collections are: wide assortment, including all product groups: jackets, coats, knitwear, jeans, pants, dresses, trousers and shirts,  bright creative design, an interesting decoration: embroidery with beads and sequins, multi-layer prints, flock printing, decoration with rhinestones, combination of high-tech synthetic and natural materials, use of modern technologies of tissues processing, good fit to the figure. Gaudi brand clothes collections are considered as the collections of premium-class. In many countries around the world are represented the branded and multi-brand stores where you can become the owner of these fine and high-quality things from Gaudi